Carrier has been known for HVAC innovation and industry-leading technology since its founder, Willis Carrier, invented modern air conditioning in 1902.

That drive to provide the best in home and commercial comfort has routinely led Carrier forward and helped them to produce some of the most reliable air conditioning and heating products in the industry – products that combine cutting-edge technology with common sense functionality.

That vision is typified by Carrier’s Infinity Series. And the Infinity 20 air conditioner with Greenspeed takes Carrier’s most advanced technology to a new summit in HVAC.

The Infinity 20 is an on the cutting-edge of the industry because Carrier focused on:photo of carrier brand air conditioning unit

  • Quality parts and construction
  • Peak energy efficiency
  • Extraordinarily quiet operation levels
  • Easy-to-use and intuitive control

Combining variable-speed operation with the Infinity System Control, this model was recognized as the “Most Efficient of Energy Star 2019” and intelligently delivers the precise amount of cooling needed for current conditions inside your home, office, or wherever it is placed.

The Infinity 20 air conditioner then maintains those levels of total comfort by making gradual adjustments as conditions change. Instead of relying on big, costly injections of energy to drive the indoor temperature in vast directions, it works smarter and more efficiently by utilizing small, energy-efficient adjustments to keep things cozy.

In fact, that design of heating and cooling is the cornerstone of all of Carrier’s Infinity systems.

Variable-speed technology, boosted by our patented Greenspeed design, gently circulates heated or cooled air for even, consistent distribution of comfort throughout your home. This approach makes use of low fan speed, which can lower your heating and cooling energy costs.

In addition, that means reduced sound levels for the consumer, greater humidity control and reduced hot and cold spots in the home or office. Infinity models with variable-speed technology range from five-stage units to fully variable-speed units that provide the ultimate comfort experience.

The Infinity 20 provides customers with one of the quietest experiences available in HVAC precisely because it maintains that low-level, consistent work, allowing you to relax and enjoy the comfort.

Greenspeed intelligence can be found in Carrier’s Infinity 20 air conditioner, Infinity 20 heat pump and Infinity 98 gas furnace. And each of these units presents the consumer with a combination of comfort, cost-saving and energy efficiency that is sure to impress.

As with all Carrier products, there is a standard manufacturer’s 10-year limited parts warranty. However, the Infinity 20 Air Conditioner with Greenspeed Intelligence also includes a three-year limited labor warranty.

Carrier also protects its air conditioning from the elements by constructing them with powder-coated galvanized steel and a louvered coil guard – a combination the company calls WeatherArmor Ultra. The presence of WeatherArmor Ultra lengthens a system’s lifespan and makes the outdoor unit that much more durable and impervious to the stress of being outside your home year-round.

All of Zone’s technicians have been trained to expertly install Carrier products by the company itself – it is a prerequisite to becoming a Carrier dealer. But we have gone beyond that, joining an elite group of companies recognized as a Carrier Factory Authorized Dealer (license # CR110128). Less than five percent of HVAC contractors nationwide have earned this distinction. Therefore, you know that any Carrier product installed by Zone will be set up to run at peak perfection for your comfort.

We have put our trust in Carrier and passed that trust on to our customers here in north Georgia for more than two decades. All of our technicians are also NATE certified and can also help service and repair any Carrier model and beyond.

Don’t spend another moment in discomfort because of a malfunctioning HVAC system. Contact Zone today and let us come install the latest Carrier technology to ensure the best in quality aitr conditioning and heating.