Zone offers a variety of smart thermostats for your home and HVAC systems.

ecobee smart thermostat
Smart Thermostats

Smart Thermostats by Carrier

Featuring the Infinty series and the Ecobee series smart thermostats, Carrier provides customers with unparalleled control over the output of their HVAC systems – control that ensures that systems only run when absolutely necessary. This allows you to avoid added and unnecessary energy costs.

Smart Thermostats

How Do Smart Thermostats Work?

Taking advantage of modern wireless capabilities, Carrier’s smart thermostats are in constant communication with all parts of the HVAC system – and are always available for you to communicate with via app on your phone or tablet.

This allows you to know the immediate and complete status of everything to do with your home comfort, including temperature (even by room if desired), output, and energy consumption (even down to the most minute detail). It also allows you to adjust your HVAC system remotely – which can prove handy in several situations.

The Infinity and Ecobee also get to know every inch of your home so that they can direct your air conditioner, furnace, or heat pump, to deliver just the right amount of air to achieve the comfort levels you desire. They also get to know your home habits – when your house is empty, when you are home, what you like to sleep to, your pets’ needs, etc. – and program accordingly.

Smart Thermostats

How Do Smart Thermostats Work?

Smart thermostats also take into account outside factors, such as weather, temperatures, and humidity levels, so that your HVAC is not working unnecessarily hard – or not working hard enough.

And the savings don’t have to end there. The Energy Reports within the web portal/app also provide you with personalized savings tips, informative comparisons, and even detail energy usage data to help you make informed decisions about managing your home comfort and energy usage. This allows you to proactively manage your energy use.

Smart Thermostats

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Smart thermostats allow you as a homeowner control of your home’s HVAC from any location. Plus, it allows us to know when your system is having issues. Contact us today to have your smart thermostat installed to ensure your home’s comfort.
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