As temperatures begin to soar and the heart of the summer creeps up on us, you may find yourself walking into a home that does not quite present the cool, refreshing air that you desire.

If you notice this problem on a daily or weekly basis – or if you hear any grinding, squealing or heavy hums coming from your air conditioning unit – it may just be that your air conditioner is in need of repair.

It is a frustrating thought at any time of year, but it can be infuriating during the summer, as you suffer through discomfort while waiting for a repairman to diagnose and correct your issue.

And that does not even take into account the costs.

So, just how much does AC repair usually cost?

Well, it all depends.

We know that’s not much of an answer, but without knowing exactly what is wrong with your HVAC, it could run the gamut from around $150 all the way into the thousands. In fact, notes that, “most homeowners pay between $166 and $586 in AC repair costs.”

So, let’s take a look at some of the average repair costs, and what you might be able to do in order to make some repairs yourself and soften the financial costs. (NOTE: There are some repairs that require a professional technician to resolve in order to maintain safety – especially any repair involving Freon. It is a dangerous substance and should only be handled by experienced professionals.)

Let’s start take a look at some common repairs that cannot be handled by a simple HVAC filter change. We’ll start with the cheapest floor and move up, but beware that some of these averages have some wide ranges.

Replacing circuit breakers, fuses or relays – $15 – $300
Replacing capacitor/contactor – $175 – $475
Hard start repair kit for AC compressor – $300 – $450
Replacing condenser unit fan motor – $600 – $1200
Recharging AC unit refrigerant – $100 – $1000
Replacing HVAC thermostat – $115 – $670
Replacing circuit board – $600 – $1200
Detecting refrigerant leak and repair – $375 – $1,600
Replacing evaporator coil – $1700 – $3000
Replacing compressor – $2,200 – $4,300

As you can see, some of these repairs can get extremely pricey, and that all depends on the extent to which they need repairing and the rates you are charged by your HVAC service provider.

The good news is that some of these repairs you can complete on your own if you are willing to commit some time and effort.

Some of these simple repairs include checking your breaker of the HVAC system, checking and replacing the air filter, or even inspecting the HVAC drain to ensure it is working properly on hot summer days.

These do-it-yourself repairs can save you real money and allow you to the satisfaction of doing something yourself.

If you simply do not have the time or inclination to try a home repair, there are numerous qualified HVAC technicians ready to lend a hand – even in these blistering hot times, when repair calls may be numerous.

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