The Great Pumpkin might be over, but the holiday season is just beginning. This November, Zone Home Solutions is offering a great deal on the Carrier New Infinity High-Efficiency System. We are your Atlanta hometown air conditioner and heating specialist and want you to experience optimal comfort with a high-efficiency system. A high-efficiency system offers many benefits including extended warranties, longer operating life and cost savings. If your air conditioner and heating system is 10+ years old, constantly needing repairs or is not able to keep up with the demand in your home or office, then it is time for you to replace your system with a high-efficiency air conditioner and heating unit. A high-efficiency system is an investment then pays for itself in the long run. Still not sure, you are in need of a high-efficiency system replacement. Our factory authorized and trained installers will give you a free estimate comparing the cost of replacement versus a repair. Read below and see the other reasons why people are choosing to invest in a high-efficiency system.

Benefits of a High-Efficiency System Replacement –Atlanta

There are many benefits to a high-efficiency system

Cost Savings: A High-Efficiency system operates at a higher seasonal energy efficiency rate or SEER. This leaves little energy to waste and a cost savings of an average of 30 percent.

Longer Operating life: A High-Efficiency air conditioning and heating system use a variable speed blower or fan minimizing the on and off cycling typically requiring fewer repairs and extending the life of your comfort system.

Better Air Quality: A High-Efficiency system uses a variable speed blower that creates constant airflow and regulates temperatures. This prevents mold and removes air impurities leaving the only good quality air for you and those around you to breath.

Environmentally Friendly: A High-Efficiency system uses less fuel and wastes less energy which gives you a better carbon footprint and a better world for our future.

Quieter Performance: High-Efficiency air conditioning and heating systems have sound absorbing fibers that are around the entire unit. This makes the high-efficiency system perform quieter almost being completely unheard.

Zone Home Solutions High-Efficiency System Replacement Installation – Atlanta, GA

At Zone Home Solutions, we offer the highest quality high-efficiency installation in Atlanta. Our installers are dedicated, knowledgeable and trustworthy air conditioner and heating specialist that will help guide you through the selection process finding the perfect high-efficiency system that fits your needs. We guarantee 100% customer satisfaction and offer affordable financing. The great pumpkin might have come and gone, but don’t miss this great opportunity on a high-efficiency air conditioning and heating system.

Call Zone Home Solutions today, and schedule your high-efficiency air conditioner and heating system installation!