For homes that use natural gas, furnace installation may be the best route to heat your home. Trust the experts at Zone to take care of installing your next furnace.

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Furnace Installation

While some homeowners may be willing to tackle the challenge of installing their own heat pump, installing a furnace is another matter. Any time that you are dealing with natural gas and there’s significant risk, it’s best to trust the experts for your furnace installation to ensure the safety of you and your family. While you need an expert for installation, you don’t have to be an expert to understand the correct process. Here, we’ll explain what you need to know about installation of your new furnace.

Furnace Installation

Installing Your Furnace the Right Way

Before you ever begin the process of installing any new system, it’s best to trust a professional HVAC contractor to properly measure the load necessary to maintain the right temperature in your home. While square footage can provide a quick recommendation, completing a proper load calculation takes into account the number of windows and doors in your home, insulation, whether your home is on a basement, crawlspace, or slab and more.

Second, given that this is not a standard heat pump, there are other considerations you need to make.

Your selected HVAC company will need to double check gas lines as well as electrical wiring to ensure you’re prepared for installation. For instance, if you’re considering trying to install a furnace as a DIY’er – you may not know that certain types of piping are no longer legal to use on your system – and if they’re present from your prior system that can be a huge problem. In addition, and dependent on the type of furnace, you may need a PVC drain line or a chimney flue liner. You may also need special equipment to accommodate any air conditioner already installed as the blower motors may not be compatible or may need to be calibrated differently.

Furnace Installation

Avoiding the Wrong Contractor

Choosing the right partner to install your new furnace is critical. Did you know that the wrong air duct system can cost you as much as 30% more in utility bills for the life of your system? Or, that improper installation can even be a danger to you and your family?

While all systems eventually fail due to use, the wrong installation can lead to problems early on in the life of your furnace – leading to higher costs and long-term issues.

Furnace Installation

Trust the Process

When it’s time to install your new furnace, your HVAC contractor will first ensure all power to your furnace is shut off as well as gas or fuel lines.  Then, prior to installing your new furnace, our team will remove your old equipment (if necessary) and clean the area to ensure any dust or dirt that’s built up over time is removed. Our team can also clean your ductwork if that needs to be done before installation.

Then, our team gets to work installing your new system. Traditionally, you probably think of installation as only including the new furnace, however this can include new ductwork, gas lines, and wiring. Once in place, our team works to ensure all connections are done properly and we seal the unit to ensure that your system can handle the pressures of a new furnace.

The final step is commissioning – ensuring your system functions appropriately and is calibrated to meet the needs of your home.

Furnace Installation

Why Choose Zone?

When it comes time for furnace installation in your home, put Zone Home Solutions to work for you. Our certified heating technicians have more than 20 years of experience in furnace installations including gas and electric units.

As a Carrier Factory Authorized Dealer, we offer a wide selection of Carrier units that can heat your home efficiently including high-end dual fuel systems, which can heat with gas or electricity. These systems factor in current temperatures, the cost of electricity and gas and then determine which mode to use for optimal efficiency.

Our team will research the kind of system that meets your budget and comfort preferences and provide a detailed quote to you – free of charge. We’re happy to discuss these options with you. Discover why hundreds of people have rated us with 5 stars on contractor review sites like Kudzu and Home Advisor! Contact our team to learn more.

Furnace Installation

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