The winter months can put strain on your HVAC unit, and while there are some problems that are difficult to diagnose, many others have clear signs & symptoms. Keep an eye out for these winter problems that are common for HVAC units:

Airflow issues – These problems are most noticeable when rooms aren’t heating evenly, causing some to be drastically colder than others. Restricted airflow can be caused by many things, including dust or debris in the heat system or a blocked fan or a broken fan motor. If you are experiencing airflow issues, be sure that all air vents are open and there are no leaks around exterior doors or windows.

Broken thermostats –Faulty wiring or broken parts prevent the thermostat from reading the temperature in your home accurately, causing room temperatures to plummet even though there is nothing wrong with the actual HVAC system. To test your thermostat, adjust the temperature setting and monitor whether the room temperature adjusts accordingly.

Cycling heat – This problem is often characterized by the heater frequently “clicking” on and off. When your heater cycles too quickly, it can cause unnecessary wear and tear on the system’s parts and can also waste energy, causing your bill to increase. Often, a dirty or clogged filter or faulty thermostat can cause your heat to cycle.

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