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Carrier HVAC

At Zone, we are proud of our designation as a Carrier Factory Authorized Dealer. It is a recognition of our commitment to quality, customer satisfaction, education, training, and certification.

Carrier technician installing new HVAC unit
Carrier HVAC Products

The Top 3%

In short, our service matches the quality of the products we install. Less than 5 percent of Carrier dealers nationally achieve and maintain the status of “Factory Authorized Dealer,” so you can bet it carries weight in the HVAC industry. Less than 3 percent of Carrier dealers receive its annual President’s Award which we have done 7 years in a row!

Let us show you why Zone and Carrier are a perfect match for your ultimate comfort here in north Georgia and metro Atlanta.

Carrier HVAC Products

Why Carrier?

Carrier is one of the foundations of modern HVAC – and maintains its place on the cutting edge of heating and air. Founded in 1901, Carrier continues to innovate while maintaining the highest standards of quality and efficiency. And it is why Carrier is the brand we recommend for most customers – even though we service and repair all brands across HVAC.

Carrier puts its trust in the most knowledgeable and service-oriented dealers in the industry. Zone had to work hard to earn Carrier’s trust and did so because we know what we’re doing; so, you can rely on our expertise combined with Carrier products to deliver efficient comfort year after year.

And all Carrier components come with a 10-year warranty to help ensure your satisfaction.

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Carrier HVAC Products

Carrier Heating & Air

Whatever your comfort needs – whether that be air conditioners, furnaces, heat pumps (including geothermal heat pumps), ductless systems, boilers, or variable refrigerant flow systems – Carrier produces unparalleled quality, and Zone will install it to ensure your comfort. That also includes the latest in integrated controls and thermostats.

Carrier’s durability is unmatched, and all its products stand up to the elements. Extensive research and testing, including against high humidity and temperatures from minus-148° F to 390° F, means that Carrier HVAC can easily handle the north Georgia weather cycle. Carrier also tests its products to the point of failure, thereby identifying areas of improvement for components and/or designs.

You can also be sure that a Carrier system will never distract you with annoying noises, as compressor sound blankets and rubber compressor isolation grommets ensure smooth, quiet operation.

Carrier HVAC Products

Unparalleled Comfort at the Right Price

Both Carrier and Zone understand the financial commitment that HVAC installations require. That is why Carrier designed differing levels of heating and air systems so that everyone can find the quality comfort they deserve at a price point that makes sense.

Carrier air conditioners, furnaces (oil and gas), and heat pumps include three designations – all of which offer matchless comfort and reliability while offering different technological features.

  • Infinity series – Features Carrier’s leading-edge developments, including technological advances and peak efficiency.
  • Performance series – Offers plenty of next-level innovation, balanced with efficiency and proven technology.
  • Comfort series – Includes Carrier’s reliability and design advancements for the budget-conscious consumer.

Carrier’s patented “Greenspeed” technology is also an efficiency guarantee and is present throughout all levels of its HVAC products. Greenspeed delivers the highest Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratings (SEER) standards – a feature that helps deliver comfort while not draining your energy bill.

Carrier’s top line systems even learn your home comfort desires and adjust themselves to provide optimum comfort without running unnecessarily. Utilizing next-generation software and Smart Thermostats, Carrier’s heating and cooling systems constantly talk with each other to ensures that they work in unison to maximize energy efficiency.

There is a quality Carrier product available for every HVAC consumer. And, because it’s Carrier and Zone, you can rest easy in year-round comfort.

Carrier HVAC Products

Beyond Heating and Air

Carrier does so much more than warm or cool your home against the extreme temperatures outside. Its products also provide clean, efficient, and environmentally conscious air to homes of all shapes and sizes.

That means:

Ideal Humidity Levels

Indoor humidity plays a huge role in determining your comfort: dry air can aggravate your skin, while humid air can lead to mold or mildew formations. But Carrier’s Ideal Humidity System Technology helps regulate the perfect balance of indoor moisture.

Clean, Pure Air

The air we breathe is a blessing – and, yet, at times, it can be a curse, as that air is also full of pathogens such as viruses, bacteria, fungi, and other things – such as pollens – that can really sicken or irritate our bodies. Ultimate comfort means that you should not have to worry about those problems in your home, however. That is why Carrier offers a wide range of air purifiers (including whole-home MERV 15 filters) and monitors that will help ensure you breathe only the healthiest air.

Making a Better Planet

Carrier wants to ensure that we leave a better planet for our children to inherit. That is why its Monterrey commercial facility became the first industrial facility in the global HVAC industry to be Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) Gold Certified. That is also why it manufactures HVAC that uses less electricity, as well as taps into renewable resources such as geothermal heat. In fact, a Carrier geothermal heat pump can use the energy in your own backyard to heat your home – and it even offers savings of up to 70 percent on annual heating and cooling costs.

Carrier HVAC Products

The Ideal Choice in Comfort

Contact Zone today to learn more about our full range of Carrier products and to see what a Carrier system can do for your total comfort.
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